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Housing Assistance Payments Staff

The Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Department is organized to execute the voucher processing duties as effectively and efficiently as possible. The Department is composed of a Director of HAP, two HAP Managers, one HAP Subsidy Coordinator (HSC), a Senior HAP Subsidy Analyst (SHSA), one Voucher Support Processor and nine TRACS Data Analysts (TDA).

To reach Housing Assistance Payments staff, call their direct phone number listed below.

Interim Director of Housing Assistance Payments

Phone (512)

Fax (512)

Ann Hittner 767-7686 476-0346

HAP Subsidy Coordinator

Julie Jeffery 767-7683 476-0346

Senior HAP Subsidy Analyst

Lisa Muraida 767-7685 437-3887

HAP Manager

John Chambers 767-7687 437-3887

TRACS Data Analysts

Phone (512)

Fax (512)

MoNika Pleasant 767-7680 437-3887
Christopher Delcros 236-8582 437-3887
Juanita Sepeda 767-7709 437-3887
Stephanie Manning 767-7700 437-3887
Chardonnay Nicholas 320-8261 437-3887
Christian Svoboda 767-7704 437-3887
Ellen Rathbun 320-8230 437-3887