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TRACS 202D - Deadline extended until February 27

Late last week HUD released an updated TRACS 202D Implementation Schedule 
extending the deadline to convert to TRACS 202D until February 27, 2015.  This is a one-time 30-day extension.  All properties must be converted by the February 27th deadline; all 202C voucher and tenant data transmissions will be rejected by TRACS effective March 2nd and will not be paid until they are resubmitted in the 202D format.  If you are still using a TRACS 202C software version please contact your provider to schedule your conversion to TRACS 202D.  TRACS 202D encompasses new and modified fields on the form HUD-50059, form HUD-50059A, and form HUD-52670 (the voucher) that comply with the revised HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV-1, Change 4 and the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act (IPERA). 

As part of the conversion to TRACS 202D, there have been new fields added to report the Owner DUNS Number and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), and also the Parent Company DUNS Number and TIN, if applicable, in the property's tenant data and voucher submission header records.  Owners must submit this information to comply with HUD Notice H 2012-06 and HUD Notice H 2011-01. Guidance on completing these fields can be found in the Monthly Activity Transmission (MAT) Guide for TRACS 202D, Chapter 5, Paragraph 5.1 and Chapter 6, Paragraph 6.1.  The 202D MAT Guide can be found on HUD's TRACS Documents webpage.  For information on obtaining a DUNS number, or to determine if your property already has a DUNS number, go to  For assistance, you can also call 1-866-705-5711 and press option 4- Grantee.